My wife loves this place, specifically pork buns, red bean paste buns, and pineapple buns.

Vasiliy Sharapov

The raspberry cheesecake dessert really made up for the nasty baked treat I tried from a previous bakery. This place had a variety of really beautiful treats that taste just as good as they look.

kristina reed

I picked up a mango mousse and some cookies. The mousse was incredible.

Amy Rauch

The bakery was really clean, and all of the buns and baked goods were really fresh, soft, and delicious. The woman at the counter was super friendly and helpful. I told her what I was looking for (pork buns, of course!!) and she suggested some other items that did not disappoint. They also have an interesting menu of drinks and smoothies. I had a pineapple-lychee tea which was phenomenal! The prices are also on point. I only wished I had dipped next door into the Double Chin for some sit down eating. Definitely try the beef curry bun and the pork bun with pineapple glaze. I also really enjoyed the fried pork dumplings, but best to eat that when warm.

Christina Jinbo

Great little spot! One of the best bakeries in Boston’s chinatown. Fresh goods made daily and adorable atmosphere. Always stop by here for a curry bun.

Jocelyn DiPasquale

Paying with cash is absolutely recommended unless you are okay with an extra charge for using a card. 

Their cakes are exquisite though. I personally favor the adzuki buns and swiss rolls. The moon cakes are of a higher quality compared to other bakeries in the immediate area and certainly much better than Kam Man down in Quincy. Overall, the place is peaceful and often quiet. It is an inexpensive stop for a snack if you’re in the mood for some bread or a taro bun.

Lexi G.

I came here for the first time today and was blown away by their red bean buns. They had authentic whole beans in paste in the buns. We proceeded to upgrade to one of the cakes in their display case for my boyfriend’s birthday, and the family couldn’t stop raining about it. Beyond the usual lightness of Asian cakes (this family of Midwesterners/New England Jews compared it to sponge cake), the taro paste was the first I’ve had in Chinatown Boston. A fan for life of this bakery!

Annie C.

Connected to Double Chin, we went here to see what they had to offer. First off, the cake looked absolutely gorgeous! (coming back here for my birthday cake). We got the Honey Roll and Egg Tart. The Honey Roll was better because it was moist which tasted like vanilla with a slight hint of honey.

David C.

We wandered Chinatown around 9pm. Since many shops close early in this area, we were glad the bakery was still open on a Friday night. I really wanted to try one of the breads. I chose the cocoa chocolate bread. It was this big loaf for $2.25! Wow! My bread had some type of chocolate filling, to my surprise. Glancing around, they still had a decent selection at night. They also serve bubble tea and good assortment of drinks. The bread had a great chocolate filling. So yum! 

There is a seating area in the next room. Not sure how large it is, but seems to be where all the youngsters hang out at night. AC was keeping the breads cool and music was jamming. I would love to stop by again.

Tina C.

I always come here for their beautiful cakes ! 

They are always fresh, delicious, and pretty! My last cake I bought here was taro flavored. 

It was a crowd pleaser ^_^

Kris P.